Bible Studies


Sunday Morning Bible Class — 9:30am — Fellowship Hall

“Stuff They Didn’t Teach Me in Sunday School” 

Ready to get behind the scenes on those great Bible stories you heard as a kid but wondered about as an adult? Well, wonder no longer, and join Pastor Neil Andersen as he leads our “Stuff They Didn’t Teach Me in Sunday School” class. Through a series of videos, Bruce Wurdeman provides information that even a Hebrew scholar would enjoy! Come and be a part of this interesting and exciting new class!


Sunday Morning Bible Class 9:30am Room #25 

Deaf Bible Study


GAP Study – Sundays 9:30am — Room #26

Grassroots Apologetics for Christian Parents

Given the many challenges of discipling children in our fast-paced, social media dominant culture, it’s mission critical that parents are prepared to help their kids navigate the tough faith questions they’ll encounter. GAP is here to help you! Join us as we begin our study together with Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side by Natasha Crain. We’ll cover 40 of the most important faith challenges parents and kids need to understand today.


Tuesday Morning Bible Class — 9:00am — Fellowship hall

“The Gospel of Luke”

Pastor Marcus Breitbarth continues to lead the study of the Gospel of Luke on Tuesday mornings. If you enjoy meticulously studying the fine details of the Bible, then this is the class for you! It will give you an in-depth and meaningful perspective of our Savior’s ministry. Good discussion, good food and fellowship are always a priority on Tuesday mornings! Come and be a part!


Tuesday Evening Bible Class — 6:30pm — Room #23

This class is currently on hiatus.

Check back for more details on when class will resume.


Women’s Thursday Morning Bible Class — 10:00am — Fellowship Hall

“The Gospels – The Extraordinary Life of Jesus of Nazareth”
Starting January 31 - 9:30-10:00am Social Time / 10:00-11:15 DVD Study

This class has been going on an exciting adventure as Dave Stotts tells the story of Jesus from the locations recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  We will travel to over 50 ancient sites in Israel to discover the Gospels in a fresh and compelling way.  Each class delves into the history, archaeology, geography, and art surrounding the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Come join this exciting journey!


The Thursday Evening Class – 7:00pm – Fellowship hall

“Seen and Heard!”
6:00pm Bring Your Own Dinner / 7:00pm Bible Study

Learning from the Scriptures how Jesus’ followers can witness the love of the Lord to others.  Join us on Thursday evening at 6 pm for “bring your own dinner,” followed by the class at 7 pm.


Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Class – Every Saturday at 6:30AM

JB’s Restaurant at 99th Ave & Bell Rd

The Courageous Men of the Cross meet on every Saturday morning and prepare for worship by studying the Sunday scripture lessons. Of course, since they meet at JB’s, there’s also all that tasty food and coffee that goes along with the early morning study and fellowship! All you early morning risers are invited to attend!