Deaf Ministry 

Our goal is to provide all deaf and hard of hearing persons and their family members accessibility at Life in Christ Lutheran Church in order that they may worship, receive religious education, participate in all aspects of parish life, and minister to others.


SEE God’s Word Proclaimed with Us!


ASL Worship

Sunday Mornings
8 AM

Join us every Sunday for our traditional worship service that is interpreted in American Sign Language (ASL).


Sunday Morning Bible Class

Room #25
9:30 AM

Our Bible Study is taught by Pastor Mark Larson. If you know of someone who is interested, bring them along — there is always room for new friends!


Sign Language Classes

Tuesday Evenings
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Classes to learn ASL will resume shortly. Please check back for our 2019 start date.


Lutheran Organizations Resources for our Deaf Members


World Lutheran Deaf Outreach
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Catechism for Deaf to study

B - Bible
L - Lord’s Prayer
A - Apostle’s Creed
S - Sacraments
T - Ten Commandments
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International Lutheran Deaf Mission Association. Get news about International Lutheran Deaf Association, events & conferences.
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The Deaf Lutheran

The newsletter covers news and events of Deaf Lutherans and their churches here and around the world. The Deaf Lutheran is the main communication tool of ILDA and the seven ILDA regions of the USA and Canada.
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Lutheran Deaf Mission Society

  • Links to Lutheran religious sign dictionary

  • YouTube devotions & Bible Stories

  • Many more resources

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Lutheran Friends of the Deaf

Lutheran Friends of the Deaf has one mission: to dedicate their lives to serve individuals who are Deaf or have other special needs through Jesus Christ worldwide.
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Resources for Learning ASL (American Sign Language)


What is a deaf culture?

Deaf culture is the set of social beliefs, behaviors, art, literary traditions, history, values, and shared institutions of communities that are influenced by deafness and which use sign languages as the main means of communication.
(Wikipedia 2018)

Tips for communicating with people with a hearing loss

1.  Always face a deaf person. Make eye contact and keep it while you are talking...
2.  Check noise and lighting...
3. Keep your distance...
4. Speak clearly, slowly and steadily...
5. Take turns...
6. Repeat and re-phrase if necessary...
7. Write it down


OnLine Resources

Dr. Bill Vicars - ASLU
A complete online “university” for learning ASL
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A Deaf Family shares signs
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The Daily Moth
Daily news in ASL - Challenge your receptive skills!
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Video: My Ears Aren’t Broken - A children’s story
Watch and read along as a young girl interprets this children’s book. Watch her facial expression and observe the differences between English and ASL grammar.
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ASL Dictionary, tutorials, and Deaf culture
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The ASL App
An app to help you learn ASL and practice while you are on the go
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Article: The strange reason deaf children aren’t taught sign language
Learn more from Kelly Kasulis of
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