Small Groups

Small Groups

Why Small Groups?

The benefits are many! Make connections, form new friendships, grow in Bible study, grow in prayer, assist with outreach, help those in need, plan fun activities and much more!

Our Small Groups are for both adult and youth, meet on various days, both during the day and evenings for Bible study, fellowship, and of course, food! For more information on how to form or join a Small Group, please contact the church office.


Small Group

“There is no job more important than being a parent” -Benjamin Carson

We are currently learning Grassroots Apologetics for Christian Parents. We meet once a month in the Christian Life Center following the late service. We begin with a pot-luck lunch and then move on to discuss a book chosen by the group. Free child care is offered during our group meeting.

Join us as we begin our study together with Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side by Natasha Crain. We’ll cover 40 of the most important faith challenges parents and kids need to understand today. Given the many challenges of discipling children in our fast-paced, social media dominant culture, it’s mission critical that parents are prepared to help their kids navigate the tough faith questions they’ll encounter. GAP is here to help you!